About Us

Group MK

Under the active direction of the company’s founder, Marc Kakon, the MK Groups’ team has continued to grow and adapt.  Both the executive and management staff are comprised of highly qualified professionals, all united in their goal to pursue the MK Group’s pursuit to continue acquiring and investing in the numerous properties, revitalizing and giving them new purpose and better value.

Marc Kakon

CEO and Managing Director

For some four decades, Marc Kakon has been providing expert and creative real estate opportunities to investors, developers and property owners. Marc’s background and knowledge span the breadth of conceiving, sourcing, negotiating, managing and selling real estate holdings. These have included man residential projects, apartment buildings, commercial and professional office buildings, shopping centers, industrial sites, as well as multi-use properties. These projects have been located in and around Montreal, as well as elsewhere in the province of Quebec and Ontario.

The key to success has been Marc’s ability to visualize the final resolution of the site, whether by building from the ground up or by taking over an existing property, retrofitting it and concurrently skillfully negotiating a “good deal”, and then transforming the concept into a reality – an on the basis of yielding an above-average long-term return on investment.